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Maintain a GE Profile with GE Refrigerator Parts

GE refrigerator parts are important to maximum efficiency from a GE.  General Electric has advantages that few other appliance companies can enjoy. Their engineers come from all aspects of commercial products from household appliances to aviation. They offer nearly 400 products, most which meet the Energy Star standards, reducing the footprint on the planet, and saving their clients money.

They are also into electricity generation giving them an intimate understanding of the resource. They are also working hard in China to solve the water pollution problems.  Of course, GE created a dishwasher that would save 15.5 billion gallons of water a year is there was one in every home in the USA. That is enough to fill 20,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

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GE's engineers developed a side-by-side refrigerator. The GE Profile, is built so tight that it not only saves energy, it locks in freshness and flavor. In the past this could only be done by zipper lock bags. The advanced cooling technology creates two separate climates.  An external LCD control panel lets owners control everything from the temperature, to dispensing water by the exact measurement needed.

The refrigerator also takes the danger out of thawing food. The express thaw and chill features thaw meat in a safe environment within hours. It will thaw 2-liter bottles in minutes. In reverse, the freezer section will freeze meat twice as fast as a traditional freezer locking in flavor.

Most consumers do not realize why food dries out, and why some food loses its taste. The problem is not food quality but the changing moisture level. The culprit is often the frost-free refrigerator. The fan picks up moisture, keeping it off the coils. Unfortunately, this moisture comes from the food. One way to stop this problem is by creating tight fitting containers that stop air from coming in contact with the food.

Unfortunately, plastic causes its own problems, increasing the speed of composition in the food. This leaves consumers eating food with less vitamins and minerals. A meticulously engineered refrigerator is designed to reduce or eliminate this problem. The refrigerator is built to chill the food and keep the flavor and crispness.

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Their flagship model is available in two models, freestanding and counter depth. New tools include express chill that can chill a bottle of wine, thaw tonight's dinner, and maintain the perfect temperature to keep the strawberries juicy and full-bodied.

All of this is available starting at $2200, the same price the competition sells their traditional, upgraded styles. It is no wonder why people become devoted to General Electric products.

There is no reason to fear all these new features. GE works with reputable dealers to make sure homeowners can maintain their refrigerators in perfect working order, or replace broken parts in days, not weeks.  These machines are not high maintenance, but the refrigerator is the hub of the kitchen. It is impossible to make the simplest dinner, or entertain the closest friends if the refrigerator is not working.

The excellence of this appliance can only be maintained when repaired and restored using GE refrigerator parts.