Kenmore Refrigerator Parts

The Importance of Using Kenmore Refrigerator Parts

The refrigerator just died, but do you buy or fix it with Kenmore refrigerator parts? Few brands are built to maintain the simplicity and integrity that Kenmore has built its reputation on.  Most Kenmore owners are loyal to their manufacturer, because they do not need to buy a new product if something goes wrong.

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Sears owns the name, but many of the appliances are produced by the large brand name, and employees the same technology. Sears started releasing their household appliances in the early 1920s. After the second World War Sears released the Kenmore Harmony House appliances that featured the latest designs and technology. The Kenmore name replaces their Coldspot name on refrigerators in 1977. Currently, Kenmore is the number one player in the appliance industry. More people own a Kenmore than any other brand, 50% higher than the closest competitor.

Unlike buying other brands, purchasing a Kenmore is simple. They provide a wide variety of models, employing the tried-and-true technology instead of jumping boldly into new technologies that are not proved in the family home.  The average working mom is devastated if a new, untested technology fails her. Her family's health depends on it.

Kenmore also brings beautiful refrigerators to the home at an affordable price. While some manufacturers offer their top of the line models for $5 000, a top of the line 23 cu. Ft, Kenmore refrigerator costs half the price, $2500.00.

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The consumer does not need to give up quality. The Kenmore includes fan forced air filters, minimizing odor. It also includes Full extension system for crispers and freezer baskets offering easy access. Owners can include the same touch-screen computer technology and icemaker that their friends paid $5000 for. Kenmore is one of the few manufacturers that offer a mirror front door, so consumers can have something that is unusual but will soon replace brushed chrome as the 'must have' finish.

There is no lack of technology. The crisper has a humidity control. Today's refrigerators are designed to prevent frost. To achieve this, manufacturers created a system that withdrew moisture, the same moisture that holds vitamins, minerals and flavor. A humidity control drawers lets the owner protect the flavor and texture of their fruit by keeping the humidity high. 

All Kenmore products are created to withstand the needs of a family. Their shelves hold 13 gallons of milk. Not a necessity in the average home, but it will come in handy after summer BBQs and Christmas dinner. Kenmore has also put a lock on the automatic water dispenser that is two-year-old proof.

Most consumers prefer the freezer-on-top model. But, bottom freezer models are becoming more popular in recent years. Consumers are drawn to the larger capacity and easy access.

Kenmore is available with a low cost warranty. Kenmore Refrigerator Parts make it easy to repair something that goes wrong with the machine. A Do-It-Yourself fan can easily manage many repairs. This reduces the cost of maintenance. Kenmore refrigerator parts are easily available online, making life easier for the average household, and improving convenience.