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Xpress Appliance Parts is committed to providing our customers a pleasant and confident buying experience. For this reason, we offer professional repair advice at no cost to you! Find answers to commonly asked questions, as well as helpful repair tips and solutions, by clicking the red icon at the left.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for or still need help, submit a question through our repair section or contact our Repair Team via our Xpress Request. Include the make and model number of your appliance, as well as details regarding the problem(s) you are encountering with your appliance and what measures you've already taken to repair it, if any. One of our licensed technicians will get back to you via email with a professional diagnosis and repair advice.

This service is currently free of charge to our customers. Please help us keep it that way by ordering any parts you'll need through Xpress Appliance Parts and by recommending us to your family and friends!

Warning - Please Read

These repair guidelines and articles are intended for persons technically and physically competent to perform such repairs.

To avoid personal injury or death, always disconnect the appliance from its power source before performing any diagnosis or repair work. Some appliances, notably microwaves, can store enough energy in their capacitors to cause serious injury or death, even when unplugged. Please also note that major appliances contain many sharp and/or moving parts; use caution when working near said components to avoid personal injury.

Xpress Appliance Parts, Inc. does not assume any liability for any purchases made and/or damages including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, or legal disputes that may result from following the repair advice found in this website or in direct email communication. Any actions taken by the customer regarding the purchase and return of parts and/or the execution of home appliance diagnoses and repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer. All current policies of Xpress Appliance Parts, Inc. apply to purchases.