Whirlpool Dryer Parts

Keep Ahead of the Laundry with Whirlpool Dryer Parts

Only use Whirlpool dryer parts when repairing a Whirlpool appliance. Whirlpool is among the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the home appliance industry. The name itself instills trust and loyalty. Many people refuse to return to other manufacturers after owning a Whirlpool washer or dryer.

From the first wringer washers, Whirlpool has been trusted around the world. They were one of the first companies to take customer service seriously. In 1911 they replaced the transmissions on 100 of their wringer washers at no charge. Their reputation as a reliable company has grown from this point. Whirlpool is proud of their tradition. The company does not need to invest millions in advertising - word of mouth speaks louder than any New York advertising campaign.

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They have been around since women spent a whole day washing a few pieces of clothing for their families. They produced the earliest wringer washers, an innovation that took the world by storm. Since the beginning they've held the industry benchmark. They produce a level of quality that few of the other manufacturers have been able to match, either in standards or in cost.

Whirlpool has consistently worked to achieve one goal, taking the labor-intensive, backbreaking, time consuming aspect out of the laundry chore. Today's households are lost without a working washer and dryer. That is why Whirlpool works to make their parts available to reputable dealers, ensuring that their loyal customers receive the parts necessary to keep the machines humming.

Today's busy households barely have time to sort their covers and throw a load into the washer as they head out the door. They need a machine that will do all the dirty work, the first time. Few people even have time to run their whites through twice. Even if they do have the time, they are growing energy conscious. Today's household wants convenience, but they want to save water, and reduce their energy footprint.

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North America is finally adopting front load washers. This model currently accounts for 90% of the European market. Front-load machines promise efficiency in both electrical and water consumption. The clothing does not sit in water, but tumbles through as the drum rotates. This requires 60% less water, reducing demand on septic systems, customers who pay for water, and detergent use.

The speed that a front loader spins, up to 1200 RPM, cleans the clothing better than traditional machines, and reduces the dryer time. They also take a load up to 50% larger than a top loader. It is possible to put six pairs of work jeans in the machine at once and have every pair come out clean. This reduces the cost and time demands of laundry day.

When the washer or dryer breaks down the homeowners needs to find the parts fast. They do not have time to browse a catalogue or spend a few hours online with the local department store's customer service department. They need to find factory-approved Whirlpool dryer parts quickly and easily from a company with fast shipping and excellent customer service.