Whirlpool Refrigerator Parts

Whirlpool refrigerator parts are important when making repairs to a Whirlpool appliance. Whirlpool engineering demands high standards and to the fraction of an inch. Replacing any part on a refrigerator can reduce its energy efficiency claims, damage the appliance, and reduce warranty.

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Discerning consumers choose Whirlpool for its exacting engineering and the outstanding performance.  Every part of a Whirlpool is vital to its excellence in performance from the circuit boards and compressors, icemakers, motors, pumps, water filters, right down to a coil brush.

Buy Whirlpool direct appliance repair parts online. Everything is available. It does not matter if a power surge blew the motor on a $3000 designer refrigerator.  The consumer doesn't have to worry if their warranty has expired, or pay the exorbitant fees charged by small engine repair personnel.  Now consumers can purchase fan motor kits, evaporators, motor and pump assemblies, in stock, and save $30 over the suggested retail price and a couple hundred dollars from the local repairman's mark-up.

The online distributors carry most Whirlpool products in stock. There is no reason to wait weeks for a local specialty store or repair shop to get the distributors to order a part, and then ship it forward. The Internet stores work the same way as the distributors. They can purchase direct from the whirlpool manufacturer, receive the part within a day, and then ship it immediately to the client.

The savings they receive from being a distributor and having a large account with the shipping companies is passed onto the clients. The important thing to remember is that not all online Whirlpool Refrigerator Parts stores are distributors. Just because they show $20 off the price, or a 10% discount on sales over a certain value, doesn't mean they are offering distributor parts.

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Even if the online store offers an Automatic Ice Maker Kit for Whirlpool Refrigerators can cost $108 from the online stores.  This is still $34 more than the online distributors sell for. The Online stores, or auction sites may claim to be distributors. It is easy to tell the difference.

The stores will supply the kits, basic parts, and some extras like small bottles of touch up paint.  The online distributors offer more, individual parts from the ice making kits, small items, right down to small rubber stoppers. They will also have unusual items such as the receptacle assembly, or a thermal block kit.

All this makes buying a Whirlpool refrigerator a better deal. There are some beautiful Whirlpool refrigerators, such as GC5THEXNB. This model is a beautiful black refrigerator with factory-installed designer fit that offers a streamlined look, without sacrificing capacity. A $2200 investment is risky in a high traffic family where children do not understand that a refrigerator is a highly engineered appliance.

Consumers do not want to wait until their children grow up before they create their dream kitchen. Knowing that any damage to an ice maker, or the refrigerator door can be repaired for less than $100 takes the stress out of the purchase. This is possible when shopping for Whirlpool refrigerator parts online.